Leah Drake & Associates - landscape design studio


The design services we and our team of licensed professionals (See About Us: Team), provide are wide in range of detail- from simple hand drawn sketches, to computer drafted, presentation scale design packages that can be submitted to City, County or Neighborhood agencies for permits and approval.  We collaborate closely with licensed Landscape Architects, Architects, Engineers and Contractors as needed, to provide a seamless, Full Service Design Package.

  • Complete Landscape Design Packages:
        Color Conceptual Drawings  (based on preliminary ideas & to-scale digital
            site plan)
         • Presentation Quality Landscape Master Plans
         • Attractive, Low Water Use Planting & Irrigation Plans
         • Grading and Drainage, and Low Voltage or LED Lighting Design
         • Details and Specifications for Built Amenities

  • Innovative, Customized Planting Plans
         • Sensual, Architectural and Artistic Planting Beds
          • Deer & Fire resistant, Non-Invasive, Erosion control plantings & CA.
             Natives & Habitat plantings
          • Colorful Container Plant Designs
          • EDIBLE GARDENS! and Permaculture Design

  • Storm Water Management and Water Conservation Solutions 
            (including Rooftop Gardens, Natural Swimming Pools, Swales, Retention
             Ponds, Constructed Wetlands. See "Water Conservation" link)

LANDSCAPE DESIGN SERVICES may include the following:
Outdoor Rooms and Kitchens
Patios and Decks
Arbors and Pergolas
Pools, Fountains and Fire Features
Native and Drought Tolerant Plants
Habitat Restoration
Edible Gardens and Harvesting Plans
State of the Art Automated Irrigation Systems
LED and Low Voltage Lighting
Erosion Control
Fire Resistant Landscapes


Our team directly provides Land Owners with Complete Master Plans for Residential Estates.

We also provide Master Plans and Site Planning for Private Businesses while working as a Subcontractor to licensed Contractors, Landscape Architects and Architects.

(For Complete Master Plans and Site Planning for Commercial, Recreational and Public Spaces:  See EarthArch Design, www.EarthArchDesign.com.)


We subcontract our AutoCAD and/or Hand Rendered Drafting Services, to licensed Landscape Architects, Architects and Contractors, for the following types of projects:
•   Residential Landscapes and Gardens (including Built-in Kitchens, Fireplaces,
    Pools, Cabanas, Decks, etc.)
•   Small Business and Commercial Settings
•   Multi-Use and Multi-Residential Development Landscapes (incl. Streetscapes &
     Parking Areas)
•   Public Parks, Recreation Gardens and Open Spaces