Leah Drake & Associates - landscape design studio
Located in the historic University district of Palo Alto, this was one of the first Contemporary homes to be erected in the neighborhood during the dot com boom.  The owners, inventors in the tech industry, wished for the gardens and grounds on this half acre lot to reflect the imagination and sculptural artistry of innovation, while providing comfortable, fun spaces for their busy family to play, relax and entertain.  While some of these drought tolerant plant choices, such as flax, grasses and succulents,  may look more familiar to us now, they were fresh and new at the turn of the millennium, and still excite the senses today!

Dynamic view from streetFront Entry and DrivewayArchitectural Entry ContainersEntry Water Feature creates screening of driveway from back entertainment areas.Drought tolerant, sculptural plantings help to soften the back and side of the house while complementing the architecture.
Whimsical Metal Pig and Pumpkins in the gardenColorful background plantings behind poolView of back play field and pool areafrom hammock