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Water Conservation Services

Rainwater Harvesting:
Drake Design Associates was the lead designer on the collaborative team that was awarded the Purissima Hills Water District Conservation Contest, July 2010. (Los Altos Hills, CA.)

Project Design features:
  1. 20k Gallon Underground Rainwater Collection System beneath driveway for Landscape Irrigation, engineered by Earthcraft Landscape Design.
  2. Bioswales and Rain Gardens to collect all runoff on site.
  3. Permeable Paver System Driveways and Patios.
  4. 80% CA Native and Other Drought Tolerant Plants.
  5. State of the art Drip and Subsurface Irrigation System with ET Controller and Flow Monitor.


Did you know that you can save up to  50% or more of your household's annual water usage by using a rain water harvesting system, or by reclaiming your gray water from your washing machine, bath and shower, and then recycling it as landscape irrigation?  That is 50% savings of our precious drinking water resources. These days, with so many environmental and economic changes and challenges, our design team is poised to develop cost saving strategies, for you & the planet, to decrease the amount of fresh water used in your home and garden.

Storm Water Management:
             We are also knowledgeable in the latest storm water management practices. 
           Water from rooftops, parking areas, plazas and streets can be filtrated and
           percolate back to the water table, or simply cleansed before entering a
           storm drain system, by using permeable paving solutions, and bio-filtration
           swales and retention ponds. 

            Please ask us about our intelligent water saving solutions!

Rainwater underground tank
Rainwater underground tank
Bioswale sketch
Bioswale sketch